My Vigan Collections

Vigan is a glimpse back in time. The gorgeous places and the perfectly handcrafted figurines bring out the beautiful historic past of my country. Starting with Crisologo, the houses and walls are a scene to watch.

Crisologo 01

Crisologo 02

Crisologo 03

Crisologo 04

Crisologo 05

Crisologo 06

Crisologo 07

Crisologo 08

Crisologo 09

Crisologo 10

Crisologo 11

Crisologo 12

With my family. I love how my 85mm lens deliver pleasing portraits.

Crisologo 13

Crisologo 14

Crisologo 15

Crisologo 16

The horses are fun to watch and ride, but they sure are smelly. BTW, they poop will you ride.

Crisologo 17

Crisologo 18

Up next is the Hidden Garden. The place is colorful because of the stunning flowers. They have lots of potteries for sale too. And, the place has a small restaurant with pretty Christmas lights.

Hidden Garden 01

Hidden Garden 02

Hidden Garden 03

Hidden Garden 04

Hidden Garden 05

Hidden Garden 06

You have to taste this one. Apparently, this is Vigan’s specialty, the empanada. It’s best eaten with a spice of vinegar.

Food 01

Food 02

There’s also a place where you can try pottery. My sis tried her hand with this artful craft. Unfortunately, she failed miserably.

Pottery 01

Pottery 02

Pottery 03

Here are the other professionally made potteries. It’s far off from my sister’s output but at least she tried.

Pottery 05

Pottery 04

Next is St. Augustine Church. I was lucky to arrive with very few visitors. I had all the time in the world to compose my shots.

St Augistine 01

St Augistine 02

St Augistine 03

St Augistine 04

St Augistine 05

Right beside the church is the Bell Tower

Bell Tower 01

Bell Tower 02

Bell Tower 03

Bell Tower 04

Bell Tower 05

Bell Tower 06

Last Stop is the Baluarte. This zoo is owned by Chavit Singson and is known as an interactive wildlife sanctuary. And when they say interactive, they really mean it. There are animals without any cage, and you could literally come over and pat their heads. You can also take a ride on their horses for free though I haven’t had the chance to do it (You may need to tip the handlers).

Baluarte 01

Baluarte 02

Baluarte 03

Baluarte 04

Baluarte 05

Baluarte 06

Baluarte 07

Baluarte 08

Baluarte 09

Baluarte 10

Baluarte 11