The Coron Adventure

My Coron Trip Gallery. What a getaway. From the gorgeous beaches to the magnificent islands, Coron is your perfect summer adventure. I advise you to take a four day three night package here, a day less would mean missing out a few islands.

Coron Portraits 01

Coron Places 11

Coron Sunset

Coron Places 10

Coron Places 08

Coron Places 04

Coron Places 03

Coron Places 02

Coron Places 01

Coron Places 05

Coron Places 06

Coron Places 09

Coron Places 07

What’s a vacation without any friends to enjoy it with? Thanks to them, the trip was double the fun.

Coron Portraits 06

Coron Portraits 05

Coron Portraits 04



Coron Portraits 03

Coron Portraits 02

The package that we took includes the food and here’s a few of them. The green marble thingy is called ‘arosep’, an edible seaweed or something. The black stuff is actually a squid and is called ‘adobong pusit’ here in the Philippines. Everything is tasty, the locals are great cooks!

Coron Food 01

Coron Food 03

Coron Food 02

Finally, the Coron specialties. The cashew nuts (kasoy) are well known products here, and so are the Rabbit fish (danggit). The wooden crafts are beautiful as well.

Coron Pasalubong 01

Coron Pasalubong 02

Coron Pasalubong 03